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Hi there!

Hey internet!

I’m so, so sorry that I didn’t update for so long… Honestly I mostly just didn’t know what exactly to tell you.

See, the night of the party started out very nice, but ended pretty meh. Apart from the fact that way more people came to the party than I had invited, and the fact that the people who came seemed to be determined to wreck the mansion entirely, I first had a really fun time with my friends and, well, “Runner”. He and I spent some time alone together too, talking about everything and nothing, and that was really nice. Then he told me he wanted to show me something and that he’d quickly get it from his room – and off he went. I waited for a while, distracted myself for another while (thinking he might have just forgotten about me or run into someone on his way back) and when the guests all started to leave I realized that he wouldn’t come back.

We searched the whole mansion for him. But he wasn’t there anymore. His room was basically empty, save for the furniture – his clothes and possesions all gone.
I was sad, but everything pointed to him having left by himself, so I was like, okay, if that’s what he wants I’m going to let him. I tried convincing him of what I thought was right, but I can’t force my opinion on anyone, right?

Still… well, I was disappointed because he feels like a friend to me, and I had hoped that he’d at least say goodbye to me. But I had enough to occupy my mind with, what with the chaos that I called home and Jeremy arriving and everything.

Jeremy took my mind a bit off things again. :) He knows so much amazing stuff, like really fun cartoons and movies. It’s great to spend time with him!

Anyway, a few days ago, guess who showed up at our doorstep again. :) He gave me the biggest, warmest hug and told me that he had decided to stay, in a way. Apparently he reconciled with my Prince and now he’s going to help Him out, like Iscariot and Ridley do.  But you really don’t have to worry, because “Runner” is really harmless and nice. Just be nice to him from me, okay? :)

He also told me that he’d take on a nickname, like most people seem to do when they join forces with my Prince. He decided to call himself “Pion” (which is pronounced somewhat like “Pyong”), so maybe don’t call him “Runner” when you meet him.

I’m so stoked that he’s back, even though he’ll leave again tomorrow – but not for good. He told me that he doesn’t want to live out of my pocket anymore, but he’ll visit me as often as possible.
I also want him to call me, so I bought him a new cell phone too.  I hope he’ll use it.

So yeah. I’m really sorry that I was so preoccupied by these things that I totally forgot to update, I’ll try to behave better in the future!

Well, bed time now.

Bye, internet!

Queen of Hearts

here is serge. you dont need to worry anymore because i am ok.

it was nothing. my time was up. that was all. i had the choice you see.

i could leave and i did. no one stopped me and i left this town and i lived like before for a bit.  i slept in barns or in the houses of pitiful people and sometimes just outside. and then less and less because He came back to haunt me just like before. maybe shes right and He didnt even want to harm me. He just carried her calls to me.

i heard what she thought to herself at night. she wondered where i was and if i was fine. and why i left her. sometimes i think i saw her and sometimes i dreamt about her and when i woke up He always was there. i think He delivered the messages.

i couldnt leave her. i couldnt leave fi behind forever. i couldnt leave the life with her behind.

this is a peaceful happy life by her side.

He was generous enough to allow me to change my mind and he made the contract with me. we are now waiting for the morning and for her to wake up. i hope shell like the surprise.

dear little fi.

this is goodbye to runners. i chose her side. i wish you all good luck and please dont worry. im actually very happy now.


i cant find them

i cant find anyone. i looked everywhere. i was about to leave town but fi said jeremy comes tonight and when he comes i need to be here. i need to give him the book i found and maybe to go together with him.

im glad i hided the book well. i didnt look at it a while. but most of the things of the others are gone so i hope the book is still here.

i was too scared to go far outside. from here, i cant see anyone in the town.

im worried about fi.


where are you??

fiona, jonathan, where are you?? i cant find you! i woke up and the house is empty, what happened??? are you okay??

please, call me or answer!!



Hey, internet!

Just a quick update because I don’t know if I’ll have time for one tomorrow. We have the party tomorrow and boy, am I tired from organizing everything… Like we shoved the furniture out of the center of the rooms so there will be enough space to dance, we installed enough audio equipment to have great sound in every room, I got a DJ and really awesome catering for it and the swimming pool had to be cleaned.
I’m not actually awaiting too many guests, but I’ll keep the sleeping rooms locked (no need for anyone to snoop around in my room…) and I don’t know yet which rooms they’ll prefer, so yeah… I want everything to be perfect. After all, everyone with any kind of status is going to come.

Except from Berry. Odds are that she won’t show up at all. I’m a bit worried about her, since I haven’t seen her at all ever since our argument. Not even at school. There’s the rumor that she skips lessons, but I don’t know for sure. Maybe she called in sick.

All I know is that she’s texted me some, uh… unpleasant stuff. Jonathan kinda confiscated the cell phone already so I won’t get worked up about it any more I guess. He’s really sweet to me – I’m glad that he’s around, or I would probably not feel safe at all.

Okay, I need to go to bed now. I need to sleep enough for the school day and the party night tomorrow.

Goodnight, internet!

I’m sorry B!

Hey, internet!

Sorry I didn’t update this blog a while again. I finally could meet up with my friends again and we had so much fun planning my party!

That is until yesterday. :(

Basically what happened was that Berry burst into the room where the rest of us already were sitting together and started yelling at me and insulting me. At first I didn’t even know why, until she suddenly mentioned my blog. I have no idea how she found it, but she apparently did.

I, well, “hid” it from the others. You know, with that trick Iscariot showed me. But I must have done it on a day when she wasn’t with us and then forgot about it… so even when she took out her smartphone and tried to show it to them, they just laughed at her for that. Which made her even more angry.

Apparently she has read more about my Prince after discovering the blog and she’s basically not very happy about what she read. I think she thinks that I lied about Brute and that I am in one way or another responsible for his death, especially since Iscariot of all people is now kinda part of my family. But B, I promise, I didn’t lie! I didn’t do anything to harm him. :(

I don’t really know what to do. I can’t tell the others of the blog, if they don’t laugh at me for being starstruck around Story, they’ll do so because I have a supernatural being for a boyfriend. Or they’ll start judging Him. Really, B, it’s not even His fault… I don’t know what to say. :(

Even worse: I overheard my Dad and Officer talk today. Officer now knows that Iscariot enters and leaves this house as he pleases. I bet Berry told him.

I miss you already, B. I know I got mad when you came in yesterday, but I regretted it already when you turned around to go. Of all the girls, you’re the one I always related to the most and see, I really appreciate all you’ve done for me. I know that without you, I wouldn’t even have my friends and I wouldn’t be where I am now. You know I always followed your advice.

I bet we can think of something to tell them so they’ll stop mocking you. I really never wanted to “shove” you “from the throne” or anything. I don’t know what more to say, apart from sorry.

hello, i could come here again!

things seem to be mostly okay.  im starting to getting used to live here.

i read what fi wrote. now i understand some things. he made her forget about.

i told her about my family. i think he killed my family. it was a fire and i ran away. and he was there. i told her, but when she heard it, her eyes were dark for a second like a shadow. i think he was behind me for a moment, but he was not when i looked.  then she was okay again but she was not shocked, i was surprised about that.

he made her forget about it when she heard it, im sure!

runners, dont hurt fi. shes nice. i dont know what he does and why but she just really likes him and she needs to remember the bad things.

there some other strange thing here. there was a book that i found and it had my name on it. in that book i found the information for her blog. someone here knows and wants to help me and fi. who? i dont know. i never seen the person, only the book.

thank you john and roman. do you think you can help fi too? i dont want to to leave her to him. shes nice and trusts him and he uses it.


Getting it off my Chest

Hey, internet!

So, I originally wanted to leave it at that comment I made, but I just couldn’t. I’ve had this on my mind ever since. So a bit of angry rambling now – I’m sorry!

EDIT: I just realized that I didn’t even address anyone but Jeremy in this for the most part… please forgive me, internet!

So the other day, this one blog showed up in the blogroll of my Dashboard: Shut up Jeremy. I had some time and was in the mood to read a little and what did I find? A photo of my Prince!

Apparently Jeremy, the author of that blog, has recently met Him! You can probably imagine how excited I was to see that. So I commented on it, read some more, commented some more and tried to calm Jeremy down a bit, because he seemed to be rather uncomfortable with my Prince around. Which I can understand, if you can remember my earlier blogposts – I have been too. He is unsettling to be around sometimes even now, because He’s just so unlike a human. I’m sure often when He looks at me, He actually smiles. It’s just hard to smile without a face…

Anyway, this was Jeremy’s response to that:

To the girl who’s been commenting on all my posts, Fiona…I read through your blog first. You are…insane. I’m not going to say I have a lot of experience with this shit but that thing is not your boyfriend. It kills children, or forced Reiner to kill them…you seem nice, okay, but you are really fucked up, and your posts…your most recent posts show you’re in a lot of trouble whether you realize it or not. Don’t tell me you’re his girlfriend. You’re fucked in the head if you think that.  You really are.

No, I didn’t leave out or change a single word in this. I mean wow, Jeremy! I really only meant to calm you down and cheer you up a little, no need to talk to me so harshly. :( And honestly, I’ve spent three months with Him now, a bit more if you count the time we dated in our dreams. He leaves the room if I politely ask Him to, He still places a black rose on my windowsill every night (I planted them in the rose garden we built behind the mansion – it’s beautiful, as soon as they touch the ground, they dig their roots into it!) and it’s not as if He just jumped out of a bush to stalk me. He actually politely invited me to a date first. Or what would you call it when a man goes out with you to dance with you in a rose garden He created Himself for that very moment? He never hurt anyone around me, He never forced me to do anything, but instead He showers me with everything I can wish for. And I love Him. I love Him so much you have no idea! It actually physically hurts that I can’t just cuddle with Him, that I can’t hug Him when He stands across the room, that I can not even kiss Him without passing out before my lips reach His skin. I miss Him when He’s not here and I talk to Him about pretty much everything. And He listens to me.

He’s being a perfect gentleman about everything so far and it makes me mad that I keep getting shit for loving Him because the internet and those insane people say He’s evil. I’ve read about your Reiner, who keeps blaming my Prince for the child murders in your town. For some reason you believe him that he knows the crime scene, was there when it happened (as he stated in one of the letters), knew the children, looked uncannily much like the culprit but is not to blame for anything? He even said “The man is for those who hurt children” or something like that in one letter. I don’t know about you, but to me, that sounds pretty much as if my Prince was not very happy about this guy being nasty to children, and less as if He was nasty to them Himself!

So yeah, before you start giving me shit for being in a relationship with someone I know for three months and then some and went on dates with, because a mentally unstable stalker told you so – stop and think again.


I’m sorry, internet. But I needed to get that… well, off my chest.

…now I’m all uncreative all of a sudden. Oh well.

Nini, internet!

Congrats Daddy!

Hey, internet!

Congratulations are in order for my Dad! He finally has been discovered as an artist!

When he came back from work today, he told me that last week a very elegant lady came into his shop to buy stuff. She was amazed by the pictures he used to decorate the store with and invited him to do a little “creative session” with her and some other artists.

Apparently, they are relatively well-known and really like his art. So it will be featured in an exhibition they are planning! Which is awesome for him! I mean, he loves art. You have no ideas how many portraits of me are in this house – because, as he said: “Combining the two things most dear to me is the greatest joy I can imagine.”
The mansion is full of his paintings. So yeah, it’s awesome he can now fill a room in a gallery with them, too.

The exhibition is in another state, sadly. But it’ll be over a weekend too, so I can come and see it.

Wow, I just realised that I’m really going to miss him when he’s away to do that. But I’m still happy for him! It’s a great chance to get known better and to slowly start making a living with what he loves most: his art. Maybe he can quit his regular job one day to only do that.
Yeah, I’m filthy rich, but he refuses to take any money from me if I don’t profit of it, too. :( He says it’s me who inherited the money, not him, and I should use it only for me. He even calls the mansion my house.

In case you wonder what I told him about Runner, officially Runner is a friend of mine who’s got trouble at home so I took him in for the time being. That’s even mostly the truth. I thought about making up a story about Runner being an exchange student and sudden trouble in the host family but… I just can’t outright lie to my Dad. If I can’t say the truth, I rather say nothing. I feel bad enough when I don’t deny something fals.
So yeah. In case another one of you guys has the spontaneous idea to come crashing on my couch and/or through my window, please stick to that story if he asks about Runner! Or you, because if you crash on my couch I will probably have some explaining to do yet again…

That being said, Runner told me a bit about runners in general and said that there are probably quite some of them lurking on my blog. Hey guys! I know you might be tired, hungry and feel horrible. So really, if you ever need a roof above your head and some food in your stomach, you can drop me a message and I will see what I can do. I know you probably all don’t trust me too well, but… well, maybe you’ll learn to. I mean, even Konaa trusted me and he’s fine, right?

I’mma get you back to your feet in no time! :)

But I admit that I am a princess who rules with an iron hand! I forced Runner into – le gasp – being homeschooled at my house! He was not amused when I introduced his teacher to him, but I convinced him that even if he would leave again one day, he should at least use his time best he can. Education is serious business. In turn he tries to teach me a little French. Je suis Fiona, j’ai dix-sept ans et j’habite á m’accueil. Is what I learned up until now.

After all, I need to be able to speak French when I talk to Daddy’s friends at the louvre, right? XD

All right, that’s all for now.

Bye, internet!




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