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Weeeee! I’ve got a blog now! Now I’m one of them “cool kids” right? Right?

Well, hello world! I’ve wanted to do this for quite some time. And today I was like: “Meh, this pisses me off! I want to tell someone!” And then I was like: “But whom to tell?” And then I was like: “Yes! The internet!” Because that’s what the internet is for. And because I don’t want to mix this up with, like, real people. I like my real life friends, but I don’t want them to know absolutely everything about me. And there are some things I’ve already talked about to them and they’re fed up with it now. You are not fed up with it, right internet? Being fed up with things is not what you’re for.

So, the thing pissing me off today was actually something very trivial. It’s just one of my teachers who is for some reason not able to memorize my name. Like, at all. I mean, it’s totally okay if people call me Fi instead of Fiona. I don’t like that too much, but I’m okay with it. But she always calls me Phoebe. How does she even get the idea to call me that? I mean, I gathered she had a student with that name once, but she probably had a student with every possible name on this continent (and some from overseas…), and she never seems to have any problems with remembering the names of the rest of my class. Or other classes she teaches, for that matter. Granted, there are some people whom she sometimes forgets about, but at least she remembers that she forgot about them, and asks them or avoids saying their names entirely. I’m the only one she always gets wrong. Phoebe. I’m not Phoebe, I’m Fiona, dammit!

Okay, that was short, but I still have some homework to do. Which I will sign boldly with “FIONA” and maybe even with a little “dammit!”. Bye, internet!

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  1. Lol! I’m guessing it’s the teacher “Ms. Hatesme?”
    Haha last year in my Spanish class my teacher called me “Karen” (my name’s Anita) THREE freakin’ times in a row, and I was so frustrated because how do you get “Karen” from “Anita???” She said that another girl in another period sat in the same spot as I did, so I’m guessing I look like this “Karen” girl. But ahwell she started to get the hang of calling me my real name later. But I still remember how confused I was when she called me Karen :)

    • Ooh, a comment, a comment! *giddy*
      Yes, it’s Ms. Hatesme. XD But I guess I will give her another name, maybe Ms. Box because her real name sounds a bit like that. And Ms. Hatesme might be a little bit too much.
      Although I often get the feeling that it sums up what she thinks about me pretty well. :(

      I take it you have read my recent posts and still don’t hate me? Yay! I’m so totally excited right now that it’s silly! Two fabulous persons!

      Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog, really. It means a lot to me, Anita. (Hah, memorised it right away and will never forget!<3)

  2. Guh. You would think that going out into the “Real World” and getting a job where your boss has 5 underlings would help this problem. But no. My boss still calls me “Whatever the fuck your name is”. *hangs head* Yeah, that hurts dude. That hurts.

    (Just found your blog and will be reading through it in the morning. Seems interesting. Sleep no.w

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