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Story has decided to go all “I BLAME YOU AND HATE YOU AND SULK AROUND!” on me. I called him up so often today, it’s not even funny anymore. I’m really sorry for his poor parents who had to act as if he wasn’t at home.
Why do I assume that he was? Because his mother didn’t grip the recording part of the phone firmly enough to muffle his voice entirely when she told him that I called.


In other news, something big happened today. Do you remember this post? In that case, you might also remember the man who gave me that envelope?
Well, he came to visit us today. I’ll simply call him Mister C. here.

I’m not even quite sure how everything is connected here, but my Prince must have sent him one way or another. Mr. C. is pretending to be my mother’s lawyer at the moment and, well… she died recently.
I’m not quite sure how to take that yet.
Anyway, her last will was that I inherit her money – which apparently is a ridiculously huge amount.

I wanted to be wealthy. There I have it.

Mister C. is going to stay around and to help me with accepting and receiving the inheritance. I have mixed feelings, but I think mostly I am happy, both for the end of our financial struggles and for the fact that my Prince made His promises come true.
I know that sounds strange because it’s my mother who died and she was newly engaged but… I didn’t see her for most of my life, I can barely remember her. And I rather wouldn’t. Maybe I’ll tell you about her sometime, but anyway I was surprised that she thought about me at all. Actually, I suspect that she didn’t, and my Prince was the one who made everything turn out that way.

The thing muffling my joy most is actually Mister C. Maybe it’s just because of his looks – he looks… kinda like Hispanic or Native American or Latin American or so and is about as old as my Dad I guess… so forty-something? Fifty-something? – and something about those black eyes is just totally intimidating. He always looks so serious, too.

And then, of course, there is the fact that he seems to know stuff about Brute’s death.

I’m actually kinda glad that he stays close, because it means that I can ask him about it. Maybe there actually is a good explanation for everything.

As to my Prince Himself, by the way… He still sends me the roses, the latest one He put on my chest while I slept. When I woke up, I saw His “face” hovering over me while He stood bent over my bed. I think He might have sung His song for me again, because I think I can faintly remember it. I bet He pondered if He should kiss me, but then decided against (I felt faint due to His presence already, he probably didn’t want me to pass out for another week) and when I blinked as He stood, He vanished.

It’s nice to know that He watches over me in my sleep. I feel so much safer now.
Heh, and there they go, all the bad feelings. Replaced by the butterflies in my stomach.<3

Bye, internet


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  1. He’s inside your house ALREADY!?

    You won’t listen to me. So I will shout at you uselessly. But goddammit it has to be said.

    You’re going along with your mother’s money being misappropriated? Really? You might not understand this, but we call that theft where I live, and it’s punishable by law.

    As for Mr. C…Do they not teach common sense at your school, or do you just skip the classes? He knows something about Brute’s death, and you still think there was a logical explanation? He was MURDERED. By your “boyfriend”, too, but that’s even besides the point here.

    Ugh. You’re clearly already under his thrall. Why am I even bothering to get through the wall of teenage romanticism.

    • I didn’t really open the doors for Him or anything. He just was suddenly in here. What should I have done?

      And I doubt that the money belongs to my mother. Apart from that- you don’t know anything about her, so don’t act as if I was the meaniehead daughter with that!

      I said I’m going to ask Mister C. about it, but excuse me for not suspecting the man I love of murder!

      • Rgh. Look. Miss Fiona (we’re not friends, so I won’t presume to just call you Fiona), please at least be careful around him. I seriously think that at the very least, this Mr. C’s friend was the one who killed Brute. I have a pretty good idea of who he is.

        Just promise me you won’t go anywhere with Mr. C, alright?

  2. Fiona, I’ve been trying to figure out how to say this, but I think perhaps I should just be blunt.

    I am 99.999 percent sure that your new “boyfriend” is the Faceless Gentleman who murdered my sisters and my brothers. I can’t be a hundred percent, because I’m not a hundred percent sure of anything, really, and everytime I thought I was, it blew up in my face. At least he’s not changing the words of those who try to warn you anymore, so perhaps you’ll see this, but I’m also 99.999 percent sure that you won’t listen. You’re lost. You’re already dead, and there’s nothing I can do.

    And it breaks my heart. But I have to say good-bye, now. It terrifies me to think of being even tangentially connected with him, even over the internet and through another person. HE WAS CHANGING MY WORDS. He changed my truth. This isn’t the first time and I can’t take it anymore.

    Good bye, as little as a phrase like that means, having coming down from “go with God”. You certainly aren’t doing that. But Good Bye to you, even so.

    You won’t hear from me again.

  3. Mannn, looks like somebody here hasn’t ever heard of the saying “Bros before Hoes.”
    Who are your bros? Story, who liked you even when your longest lasting friends didn’t, and your father, who was worried sick about you when you went missing. I’d take into account of what they say.
    Who’s your hoe? Your “Prince,” obviously. Now, I know quite a few things about hoes. Hoes can be all glamorous (or dare I say fabulous?) on the surface, but that’s only skin deep. In the end, lots of hoes end up using you. I’d say Princey here is gonna end up putting more harm on you than good.

    • I’m not going to do anything against my Dad’s will, nor am I harming him! And before you say I should go to Story and apologise and stuff, I’ll have you know that I tried that already, all evening the day before yesterday and all noon and early afternoon yesterday again! If he wants to ignore me, that’s no longer my problem!
      And I really take offense to calling mylove a hoe, no one should be called that. At least my Prince takes care of me, obviously.

      • Well, honestly, I don’t blame Roman! If I thought that one of my friends was kidnapped and killed, I’d be mortified. (ESPECIALLY if they were kidnapped by one of few suspects for MURDERING my sibling.) If all of the sudden, after a week, my friend came back from being kidnapped with a happy face saying “ADERPHERP IT’S OKAY GUIZ SORRY ABOUT GOING MISSING I WAS JUST KIDNAPPED AND PUT INTO A MINOR COMA, ALSO ME AND MY KIDNAPPER ARE LOVERS NOW,” I wouldn’t want to talk to them all too much either! It kiiind of sounds like somebody has a case of Stockholm Syndrome or something to that extent. No point in trying to logically sort things out with a person in that state. Plus, I was never saying that you should go apologize. I was implying that things aren’t really as they seem to you.
        And really, I hope you do take offense to that comment. Obviously getting sent into a coma and nearly passing out from something every time this guy comes around is healthy for you. Obviously.

  4. Our dear Black King has that affect on people. It’s cool though, that’s just his what his greatness does to us normal mere mortal folk. He’s just too awesome for our comprehension. Like Kung-Fu Jesus. But better.

    That’s right.

    Stay frosty y’all.

  5. Hey guys, let’s help Fiona by yelling at her and making her feel like the only one that understands her is her prince… yeah, you’re guys are fucking geniuses!!

    Anyway, as much as i distrust your prince, he doesn’t seem to be harming you so i won’t speak for the entity that we barely know or even understand, so i’ll only say this… be careful fiona, this guys may not the be the smartest cookies in the jar, but they care enough for your safety.
    On the other hand, the people who help your prince are usually crazy, so don’t trust Mr C, he may be his follower but sometimes they get jealous that their master picks someone who is not them

  6. Oh c’mon bro, Mr. C is totally cool. He’s downright frosty. Y’all don’t have to worry none about him. Totally trustworthy fella. No, it’s the crazy one you gots to watch out for. Like that Konaa fella, I wouldn’t trust him as far as I can carry him around impaled on a stick. Hmmm, shiskabob, yum.

    Stay cool, Fifi.

    We’re always watching.


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