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Thank you, Konaa

Hey, internet!

Okay, now that things calmed down a bit and we  had a night’s sleep, I’ll try to tell you about what happened yesterday. I’m still a bit stunned at everything…

So I went to a street light where Fiance wanted to meet me. Since I knew him and he never appeared violent or dangerous to me, and since I knew he’d be there any second, I felt pretty safe and didn’t mind that it was dark outside already.

Anyway, as soon as I stood there, I heard someone coming. At first I thought it was Fiance, but when I turned around, it was a girl with a mask. Gosh she looked so eerie I can’t even begin to describe it. Her hair was all grey, and not dyed-grey, but just… grey. And she didn’t look much older than me!

I might be stupid enough to meet someone I know outside after dusk, but I’m not stupid enough to think that people randomly walk around masked. So I called out for Fiance and inched away from her. The good news was that I bumped right into him. The bad news was that he produced a knife and didn’t look as if he would turn it against the stranger rather than me.
Ungh, my hands still tremble when I think back to that moment…

I couldn’t even do anything, I just felt scared and weak and small… all I did was retreat from them, and then I must have stumbled or something, because next thing I know I sat on the ground and both came closer to me. I think there was a short conversation, but I was too frightened to remember what exactly we said. I just still have this pisture in my mind of Henry yelling at me nad looking totally creepy in the light.

Gosh I still panic in retrospect.

But just when I thought he’d kill me any moment, the light behind me flickered. And then I could watch a shadow grow out fo my own and when I looked up He was there. He just stood there, quiet and majestic and I knew I didn’t have anything to fear anymore.
I think Fiance thought he could still make it if he just acted quickly enough, so he lunged at me. But my Prince opened His arms and right from Him a figure emerged and jumped right into Fiance. It was – just wow.

Of course, you might have guessed it, that figure turned out to be Konaa. :) He yelled: “Listen, you jerks! I don’t care what He does with her – she is innocent! I won’t let you attack an innocent girl!” and proceeded to knock the weapon out of the hands of the girl (I now know that she calls herself Rise, so let’s use that name). Henry tried to attack me again, but Konaa just threw something at him and hit his wrist so he had to let go of the knife! I still feel a bit shakey when I think back to everything, but I can’t help but feel as if I had met an action hero in real life! I don’t know what happened to Rise, she just suddenly kind of wasn’t there anymore, but hell, Konaa sure showed Fiance how a good punch feels! Okay, Fiance isn’t super-strong I guess, but he was angry and determined and had a knife and Konaa just knocked him over and wrestled with him on the ground until Fiance gave up and ran away!

Sorry, Konaa, I hope it’s okay if I am a bit of a fangirl forever to you now! But you were my hero last night. Thank you for saving my life.
Well, you and my Love of course. <3

Konaa didn’t seem to feel well afterwards though. He told me that he used a way to come to me which is usually only for servants of my Prince, the “Path of Black Leaves”. Which would explain some, surprise, black leaves I found in his clothes which feel pretty exactly like my roses. According to Konaa, staying on there to long can make people sick or even kill them.
He actually risked his life to save me.
Although I have a feeling that my Prince helped him out a little. :)

Anyway, he stayed over night since I was alone anyway (and I felt safer with him around after that stuff ;( ) and today I baked him all the waffles he deserved! Which were a lot. But the black hole in his belly (it just has to exist, no human metabolism can cope with so many waffles and syrup!) took care of them.
He actually wanted to leave again today, but like hell I’m going to let him go all sicklish and during thunderstorms! Dad stays away for a day more anyway, so I can play host a little longer too. And frankly, I wouldn’t even mind paying him a hotel room if he needs it. I’d love to give him more, but he refuses to take any kind of reward.

So I stocked up on roastbeef instead. Whatever I can do for him.

Oh, right, I almost forgot to solve the mystery around this Rise person. Obviously she is a stalker of Konaa (or something?) and he said she both tries to support him and “take distractions away”. Unfortunately, he suspects her to see me as a distraction for him, since he wants to help me more than he wants to stay safe himself. Evidently. *fangirl*
She also is a former servant of my Prince. But I really didn’t understand all the connections…

She probably contacted Fiance and set him at me, that much I figure. I’d like to know what she told him though. I tried to contact him several times today, but of course he doesn’t return my calls. I just hope we can work this all out without any more violence or the police…

Okay, long blogpost is long. I have to be a good host now and feed my heroic guest, I guess.

Bye, internet.


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  1. Ff- I get home and I find this. Tch, don’t make a mountain out of it, Fi. So I beat a teenage girl and a middle aged idiot, it’s nothing too difficult. Hell, you probably could’ve taken em.

  2. I’m not so sure Konaa would be happy about sharing credit with your Prince.

    You know how boys are with their pride.


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