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Hi there!

Hey internet!

I’m so, so sorry that I didn’t update for so long… Honestly I mostly just didn’t know what exactly to tell you.

See, the night of the party started out very nice, but ended pretty meh. Apart from the fact that way more people came to the party than I had invited, and the fact that the people who came seemed to be determined to wreck the mansion entirely, I first had a really fun time with my friends and, well, “Runner”. He and I spent some time alone together too, talking about everything and nothing, and that was really nice. Then he told me he wanted to show me something and that he’d quickly get it from his room – and off he went. I waited for a while, distracted myself for another while (thinking he might have just forgotten about me or run into someone on his way back) and when the guests all started to leave I realized that he wouldn’t come back.

We searched the whole mansion for him. But he wasn’t there anymore. His room was basically empty, save for the furniture – his clothes and possesions all gone.
I was sad, but everything pointed to him having left by himself, so I was like, okay, if that’s what he wants I’m going to let him. I tried convincing him of what I thought was right, but I can’t force my opinion on anyone, right?

Still… well, I was disappointed because he feels like a friend to me, and I had hoped that he’d at least say goodbye to me. But I had enough to occupy my mind with, what with the chaos that I called home and Jeremy arriving and everything.

Jeremy took my mind a bit off things again. :) He knows so much amazing stuff, like really fun cartoons and movies. It’s great to spend time with him!

Anyway, a few days ago, guess who showed up at our doorstep again. :) He gave me the biggest, warmest hug and told me that he had decided to stay, in a way. Apparently he reconciled with my Prince and now he’s going to help Him out, like Iscariot and Ridley do.  But you really don’t have to worry, because “Runner” is really harmless and nice. Just be nice to him from me, okay? :)

He also told me that he’d take on a nickname, like most people seem to do when they join forces with my Prince. He decided to call himself “Pion” (which is pronounced somewhat like “Pyong”), so maybe don’t call him “Runner” when you meet him.

I’m so stoked that he’s back, even though he’ll leave again tomorrow – but not for good. He told me that he doesn’t want to live out of my pocket anymore, but he’ll visit me as often as possible.
I also want him to call me, so I bought him a new cell phone too.  I hope he’ll use it.

So yeah. I’m really sorry that I was so preoccupied by these things that I totally forgot to update, I’ll try to behave better in the future!

Well, bed time now.

Bye, internet!


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  1. Pawn. Pion is French for pawn, as in the chess piece.

  2. … This is sick. Completely sick and wrong.

  3. Can you see the last post Fi?

  4. Did he tell you where he was all this time? it’s kinda suspicious that he suddenly dissapears and then he comes back like nothing happened… not that i distrust him, but maybe something happened with Pion in that party

  5. Aw man, stupid work! Making me be all on the other side of the country and shit. Riddles loves him some party, he is a party animal! There was cake there, right? You gotta have some cake. Cake is delicious. Riddles loves him some cake. Cake!

    I should go get some right now, pardon me.

  6. Aw, what the hell, Roulette was on here too? Bastard, changin’ my display name.

  7. Ooh, yay ^_^ I’m glad he’s safe and that he’s friends with Slendy-kun now!!!!!

    And I’m sorry your party didn’t end that well, Fiona-chan :(((((((((

    • S’okay, all is well now, right? :)

      And heh, you can be so cute. How do you know my Prince, anyway?

      • Awwwww, thanks! You’re really kawaii too, Fiona-chan! ^_^_^_^;;;;;

        And I, uh, guess Slendy-kun just showed up one day when I was feeling down but then he let me know that he wanted to be friends! Isn’t that so sugoi? ^^;;

  8. paid a visit to his brother, and then he

    he walked on down the hall

  9. Well. Unusual doesn’t even begin to describe it. I can’t understand why it’s this way around you. It has different methods with everyone…but..this is…really, really confusing.

    Um…Anyway, you seem like a nice enough girl despite this situation. It’s nice to speak to you. Are you still doing okay?

  10. Well, This is interesting. Can someone please explain to me in blonde terms what this is exactly? By the way: I’m Liz! :)


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