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Last Tuesday

Hey, internet.

I had some sleep now and feel a little, like… tidier in my head. So yeah, here is what happened after my last blogpost:

I wrote a little goodbye letter to Daddy. Not much, just a few words about not looking for me and stuff. Also, I deleted all cookies and the history of my browser so Dad wouldn’t find the blog (I’m no pro, but I’ve been to a few forums and learned this and that about that stuff). After that, I went outside as I said. It was really strange since I passed the living room where my babysitter supposedly sat in, but it looked empty to me although everyone says that she watched TV in there at the time I disappeared.

However, He waited outside for me, beckoning me with his strange arms. They looked a bit like snakes, movement-wise – and I was really, really afraid about what He had planned for me. I went to Him though and then He pointed into a direction down the street and I knew He wanted me to go there. I could feel a limb of His hovering just over my shoulder all the time while I walked, felt His presence right behind me. It was a confusing feeling, because I was scared at first, but something about Him was soothing. Almost as if He oozed a lullaby or so.

We went just out of town, into the woods that surround the while place – I’ll give it the nickname Pleasantville. Yep, after the movie. Anyway, He led me to a clearing which seemed oddly familiar to me and there He just started to stand still and look at me, slightly tilting His head. For a moment, I wanted to be relieved about Him not doing anything else.

But then, He unfolded His tentacles. Or vines. I don’t really know. They spread everywhere, over the whole clearing, creeped up the trees and even snaked around me, until I felt them only inches away from me. Do you remember how I felt faint-ish when I took in the roses? I felt like that, only more intense, and it wasn’t helping that those tendrils seemes to be closing in on me. I must have stared at Him like a frightened bunny…
As soon as everything in sight seemed to be covered in those black tentacles, they stopped moving for a few moments. It was then that I discovered, on the vines right in front of my chest, that they had those weird little… knobs on them. And the very instant I realized that those little knobs existed – they all bloomed into wonderful, black rose blossoms.

Yes. He is the Prince from my dreams.

At first I didn’t want to believe it, but He held out His hand to me just like my Prince did, and when I finally dared taking it He gently lead me into dancing motions, just like those in the Disney movies. Oh yeah, and I think He sang for me. There was music. His song. It was wonderful. Strange and unfamiliar, but so wonderful. I felt fainter by the second, but yet, I couldn’t help but finally see through all those things that disturb the eye about Him at first sight and see how gracefully He moved, how much… presence He had.

It’s tragic that His touch doesn’t seem to be made for humans, since I was almost passing out when we stopped dancing. He supported my back with His arms when I became to weak to stay upright and the last thing I remember is that His, uh, “face” came closer to mine until all went black.

When I woke up, I was here in my room. Daddy just came in and looked so sadly at me that at first I thought I had done something to upset him – I couldn’t remember the night right away. But as soon as I asked him, his face first looked shocked, then brightened up and he hugged me as if I had been in New Zealand or something.
I didn’t know that I was gone for almost a week. I mean wow… I can only remember that one night. I think other things might have happened, or I had a vivid dream, because I feel as if there are some details I don’t remember anymore… For example, I am sure that at some point, He said to me that I wasn’t supposed to fear Him and that I was His Princess and He would make me His Queen. Or something along those lines. But I can’t for the life of my recover when and how He said that.

He didn’t harm me in any way. Quite the opposite… I feel fully recovered from my constant tiredness/insomnia and when I slept today, my dreams were pleasant and calm. Only my throat is a quite a bit sore, but I doubt that that comes from too passionate frenching with Him. I rather blame the cold outside during the nights. It’s really annoying though, I can barey talk at the moment.

So what did I tell Dad? Huh, I don’t think that he would approve of my new…
Oh gosh it feels so awesome to type that.
Of my new boyfriend. EEEEEH!<3

He doesn’t feel like a boy at all though. Of my Man? Beloved? I think Prince or King will do.

Yeah, Daddy would probably not approve of Him, so I told him that I couldn’t remember what happened anymore. That’s at least 75% truth! And I have to figure out how to break it to him that my… Prince happens to be an ancient supernatural being.

Gosh, He probably kissed me. And I missed it all!

Anyway, now you know everything! Honestly, I don’t think people need to be afraid of Him actually. He is so… gentle and radiant with elegance…

And so beautiful in His own way. And He chose me! Gosh I am so giddy… I really think I am in love. No, I know it. And it’s fabulous!

Bye, internet!


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  1. Hey Fiona.

    Just wanted to say congratulations on your new beau! Just caugt up with your blog. You sem lke a really nice las. I just woder if it’s god for you to be dating this (admittedly retty nice sounding) guy whose name you don’t eally know. Maybe exercse a little cautio? There an b some strange types aound, yo kow?

    Sorry, this must seem pretty weird, I mean I’ve not really commented around here before, but it’s all pretty interesting, and I would like you to get a happy ending.

    Best Wishes. Keep an eye on the gaps.


  2. Naw, don’t listen to her Fi. Bitch jus’ jealous of your Prince. I know Him personally and I can assure you he is quite a Gentleman.

    THE Gentleman, one might even say. For all others pale before Him.

    Stay frosty folks. We’re watching always.

  3. Don’t listen to the above poster’s bullshit.

    Listen to me. I know I don’t know you at all, so coming from a total stranger, this is going to sound incredibly rude. But it’s gotta be said.

    That guy’s a monster.

    He will toy with you until he’s bored, and kill you like he killed Brute.

    This guy almost drove me insane over the course of last month, and tried to have me killed at least twice. He’s no benevolent creature. He’s a demon, and you were under his thrall.

    Get out while you can, Miss Fiona. He will string you along like a goddamn puppet otherwise. We’re nothing but playthings to him. Food.

  4. Oh no.

    Oh no Oh No.

    This isn’t good…


    Does he look like this?

  5. Fiona we need to talk. Come see me as soon as possible. Heck, I’ll come to you but we HAVE to talk! It’s Roman!

    • I know it’s you, Roman. I’ve read your blog and even commented on it.
      And yeah, He looks like this. I know that it’s Slender Man. He isn’t as malevolent as you might think though.

  6. Hey Fiona, I’m glad that you’re ok :) even if i don’t trust your prince, the fact that you’re ok makes me feel more… hopeful about him.

    Sorry if this is a personal question, but how old are you? (i know it sounds creepy for a random internet person to ask this, but i have a theory about your prince)

    • No, that’s okay. What are people going to do with my age anyway, right?
      I’m 17.

      And I looked into that creatures guide, so I get why you’re all worried about Him. But why should a heartless monster reach out to me this way? I will try to find out if He really murdered people or not, yeah, but… I really like Him, so I’m going to give Him the benefit of doubt, right?

  7. Girl, I’m actually happy for you. People presume him to be evil. He’s probably not – not in his view, anyway. But to most people he’s harmful, either directly or indirectly.
    And if he is benevolent to one person on the planet, all the better.
    Good Luck.

    • Wow, thank you!
      I keep hearing that He did bad things to others… I will ask, okay? I will simply asked.
      Because on the other hand, I’ve read in blogs like this: that He’s nice to people. He even protects that woman there.
      So maybe it’s all a misunderstanding of some sorts.

      Anyway, it’s great to get such a nice comment about Him for a change. Thank you!

  8. Naw, Master’s not evil…. he’s totally just misunderstood. Totally. Y’all too quick to judge.

    Stay frosty, Fifi. You cool.

    But we’re still watchin’ the rest o y’alls.

  9. Yes, that guy is absolutely correct. We are entirely too quick to judge. I’m sure his tendency to sic murderous cultists on us is just his way of saying he WUVS US.

  10. I love you too konaa. Murdering cultists spread the love like nothing else ever could.

    Stay frosty peeps.

  11. hehehehe isn’t He /just/ amazing? i’m glad someone else sees it, cause’ Daddy is the /coolest/.


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